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የጡጫ ማሽን ምደባ

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How the punch works

The design principle of the punching machine is to convert the circular motion into linear motion,Powered by the main motor to drive the flywheel, drive the gear, crankshaft (or eccentric gear) through the clutch, Connecting rods, etc. To achieve the linear motion of the slider, the motion from the main motor to the connecting rod is a circular motion. There is a need for a circular motion and a linear motion transfer point between the connecting rod and the slider, There are roughly two kinds of designs, one is a spherical type, and the other is a pin type (cylindrical type), through which the circular motion is converted into a linear motion.

The punch presses the material to plastically deform it to obtain the required shape and precision. Therefore, it is necessary to match a set of molds (separating the upper mold and the lower mold), placing the material between them, and applying pressure to the machine to deform it. The reaction force caused by the force applied to the material during processing is attracted by the punching machine body.

punching machine

Punching machine classification

1.According to the driving force of the slider, it can be divided into mechanical type and hydraulic type, so the punching machine is divided into: according to the driving force of the use:

(1)Mechanical punch

(2)Hydraulic punch

In general, sheet metal stamping processing, most of which use mechanical punching. Hydraulic presses have different hydraulic fluids, hydraulic presses, and hydraulic presses. Currently, hydraulic presses are the majority, and hydraulic presses are mostly used for large machinery or special machines.

2.Sort by slider motion:

According to the slider movement mode, there are single-action, double-action, three-action punches, etc., but the most used one is a single-action punch of a slider. The double-action and three-action punch are mainly used in the car body and large-scale machining parts. Processing, the number is very small.

3.Classified by body shape

According to the type of fuselage, there are two types: (1) open-back type C (2) straight-column H-type fuselage. At present, the punches used by general stampers are mostly C-type, especially small punches (150 tons). The following is the most, and the mainframe is the mostly straight type (H type).

(1)C-type punch

Because the fuselage is not symmetrical, the reaction force during punching will cause deformation of the front and rear openings of the fuselage, resulting in deterioration of the parallelism of the mold, which is the biggest disadvantage. Therefore, it is generally used at about 50% of the nominal pressure, but the operation is good. The mold is close to the good, easy to change the mold and other favorable factors, and is still widely loved, and the price of the machine is relatively cheap, which is the mainstream of the current stamping machinery.

(2)Straight column punch

The straight-column machine tool is symmetrical because it is symmetrical, and it can withstand the eccentric load during operation. However, the proximity of the mold during operation is poor. Generally, the main machine uses more than 300 tons of punches and has an integrated body and three. Two types of segmental body.

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