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Y32-2500T ነጠላ-እርምጃ በር አስመሳይ ማሽን ለሽያጭ

የእይታዎች ብዛት:22     ደራሲ:ይህን ጣቢያ ያርትዑ     የተለጠፈው: 2020-11-05      ምንጭ:ይህ ጣቢያ

Product Description

Y32-2500T single-action door embossing machine for sale.

Main features

●The whole welded machine structure achieves high rigidity; the machine is designed by ANSYS software which can ensure the reliability and precision of the door embossing machine.

●For every hour, the machine can press 100 pieces of sheets (thickness is between 0.4mm and 1.0mm), 70 pieces of sheets (thickness is more than 1.0mm), 200 pieces of sheets (thickness is between 0.2mm and 0.4mm).

●One skin mold is for one design, different skin molds with same size can be used on the same mold frame.

●The lifetime for each skin mold is more than 100,000 pieces of sheets and the design depth of each skin mold is within 15mm.

●Column-type structure can achieve higher strength, stable working process and longer lifetimne.

door embossing machine for sale

Technical Parameters
No Item Unit Y32-2500
1 Capacity KN 25000
2 Opening height mm 600
3 Cylinder stroke mm 500
4 Return force mm 425
5 Max system working pressure KN 25
6 Ram down speed mm/sec 100-120
7 Ram back speed mm/sec 100-120
8 Ram working speed mm/sec 7-12
9 Worktable size mm 1500*2500
10 Oil pump 100YCY14-1B+100YCY14-1B
11 Plunger type cylinder quantity pcs 6
12 Plunger type cylinder size mm ZSG420×500
13 Column quantity pcs 8
14 Column diameter mm φ225(4 PCS), φ205(4 PCS)
15 Motor power KW 30+22
16 Weight kg 52000
17 Hydraulic oil #46 Anti-wear hydraulic oil
Product details

door embossing machine for sale

door embossing machine for saledoor embossing machine for sale

door embossing machine for saledoor embossing machine for sale

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